String Avenue



We Love Music

we bring a series of events and cultural activities to provide artists with opportunity to learn, practice and express their art in front of international audiences.

Our Mission

Every avenue has its nooks and corners but they all form a path to achieving goals and happiness. String Avenue intersects with Chopin Avenue to build upon artistic expressions of those who cross their paths here. While you are playing, we are building new paths, and intersections to link music avenues together.

Our Friends

We closely cooperate with Henryk Wieniawski Musical Society of Poznan. We do so to promote the person of the Polish composer and his works and also to promote the Henryk Wieniawski International Violin Competition held in Poland evey five years. We hope that String Avenue Competition is a step on young artists journey towards their excellence and that after taking part in our competition they will confidently try their best at the competition in Poland.

Poland is a beautiful country and a birthplace of great artists including Henryk Wieniawski or Fryderyk Chopin. We thus closely cooperate with the Consulate General of Poland in Hong Kong, conveniently located in one of the main centers in Asia to further amplify the sounds of Polish music and culture.

String Avenue